Export Sale Report in Excel Format

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Updated 02 Feb, 2015

Now, you can see your sales report on excel sheet also. If you want to see sales report in excel format you need to click on at first tool bar menu where an icon of Export to Excel has been given. As you click this option a window named Sales report in excel will open to you in which you require to put the path where you would like to store the excel sheet. After filling up the path you need to click on Sales Register and Item Sale Summary because whenever you will not click on this the report can't be brought. Here, one facility is also given to you that if you wish to export sales register only just click on this and similarly if you would like to export item sale register, for this you need to mark this option. It means you can get sales report of both separately or simultaneously.

SMTP detail for email

After following the given process you need to click on Generate Excel report button.

One innovative facility has been also added here that if you want to get such details on your E-mail you can receive it easily. In its same module there is an option has been added named Send Mail in it put your target Email ID on which you want to deliver the E-mail.

Before applying the process you must make it clear that you have already fulfilled certain required information by clicking this path; Tool> Mail. As you click this path a window will appear to you in which you need to insert the following things.

  • SMTP Server Name
  • SMTP Port
  • Account Name (E-mail Id on which you want to deliver mail)
  • Password

A mail will be delivered at your E-mail with the attachment of Excel Report at once.


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