How to Make Customer KOT | Kitchen Order Token

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Updated 21 Oct, 2020

For making a KOT you can select any of the three options which are being given follow;

  • Transaction>KOT Entry
  • By Pressing F4 or
  • Clicking on the KOT/bill icon on the main screen
KOT | Kitchen Order Token

You can create multiple KOTs by Transaction>New KOT/Billing or selecting the create new KOT from the KOT/bill icon.

Screen Expaination:

Date: The date of making KOT. By default it will show Today’s date. You can change it also.

KOT Sr. no.: This Sr. no. tells you the Serial number of a particular KOT made by you on that day. Sr. no. depends upon the setting made by you. You can set it daily/monthly/yearly basis. By default you get the daily basis KOT Sr. no. You can change it by Tools>Option>KOT. Check the following- KOT Auto no. Schedule

Making a KOT: Generating a KOT relies upon item’s code. When you take the order you just have to enter the code of that Item and Qty. If you do not remember the code of the Item, press F2. It will show you the list of all the Items in your restaurant and you can choose the Item from the list. Now save the KOT. It asks you to print the KOT. After printing, the slips can be sent to different kitchens according to the Items prepared in them.

Running Table Now let us know about three different tables. First table is the one which is in left side. Here you see Tables and Amount. You will find all available table's number here. Some table nos. are red in color and amount are also shown there. The color shows that the related table is occupied. This table also presents you about status of the table means how long table has been occupied by your customer. It helps you to get information of particular table. The KOT of this table has been made but the final bill has not been prepared.

We have also given facility for Running Item in the same table. When you click on this running item window selected running item of that time will come to you. Here you can deliver fast service to your customers by clicking single mouse click only.

Now you can also see total pending amount of all table at the below of this table.

Note: You can directly generate the bill by clicking on the table no. which is red in color.

Today Kot ListSecond table is the table which is placed at the top of right side. This table tells you the details regarding the KOTs made on a particular day. You can edit the KOT (which is very necessary as the customer sitting in you restaurant can give order 10 times also). The first column tells the KOT Sr. no. Second column tells the table no. which is occupied. Third column is of amount. This is not the final bill amount as other expensed like VAT, discount, Tip will also be reckoned on it. Last column is bill no.Just below this we have given facility to find out paid/ unpaid status of your guest. In its second table you have four columns named Bill no, table, Gross Amount & status. The bill no shown to you in color form hints you about unpaid status of the guest. If you want to make gross payment of customer from here you need to make double click on specific row. As you click a small window for making payment will exist to you in which you fill up certain detail and then click on ok button. When payment is done in the last column status of paid/ unpaid will be shown.

The last table is of Table Transfer which provides you very attractive facility to transfer your customer's existing table to new table. When you transfer any occupied table first select the table and then transfer it to desired table of the customer.

Press F9: For fast saving and printing of KOT entry you can also press F9 button. As you press this button entry will be saved and also be printed properly without clicking any button. This facility has been added here to make entries fast and efficient.


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