How to make Bill from KOT

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Updated 22 Jun, 2017

There are following ways by which you can generate the KOT bill.

1) By pressing F5
2) Transaction>Bill Generate
3) Transaction>KOT Entry. Here you will see the same Tab-Bill Generate.
4) You can directly generate the bill by clicking on the table no. which is red in color on the left side of the screen.

You can make multiple KOT Bills by Transaction>New KOT/Billing.

Generate Bill of a Table

Let us know about the process of making bill;

Date: When you make bill you need to check the date otherwise it will display by default today's date. If you wish to change the date you have facility to change it.

Bill no.: This Sr. no. tells you the Serial number of a particular bill made by you on that day. Sr. no. depends upon the setting made by you. You can set it on daily/monthly/yearly basis. By default you get the daily basis bill no. You can change it by Tools>Option>bill. Check the following- Bill Auto no. Schedule.

Making a Bill: Generating a bill relies upon Table no. You just have to enter Table no. and it will calculate the whole bill. If you want to print it, click on "Generate Bill Now." As soon as your bill gets prepared it will ask you to print the bill and it will be listed in the 2nd table placed on the right side.

KOT Status of all TableImportance of Second table: This table has been given at the top of right side of the windows. Here you can know about the status of the bill (paid/unpaid). By double clicking on it you can accept the payment of customer by different means as Cash, cheque, credit card, debit card etc.

If any bill's amount has been paid, it will show you the status about it. Entries which are red in color shows that these bills are unpaid. You can double click on them to accept the payment.

Bill performaIn this screen you will find the following:

S.No., Qty., Description, Rate and Amount. Then there are Sub Total and Grand Total. Sub Total is the sum of the base price of the items and after computing VAT it becomes Grand Total. Below to Grand Total there are 3 optional things: Discount, Tip, and additional charge rate. If you want to activate them, you can do the settings by-Tools>Option>Tax/charges. Apart from it if you want to determine the discount and tax at individual bill basis, you can do it by clicking on discount and tip in the bill itself. After all the calcualation the final or Net bill amount will be in round figure. This facility is also optional. All the settings regarding a bill can be done in Tools>option>bill or Tools>option>tax/charges.


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