Printing Of Exceptional Bill

Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software

Updated 08 Dec, 2010

In this software you find a facility for Exceptional bill printing. This has been added in order to get the bill printing copies of Cancelled Bill, Recall Bill and Reprint Bill.

Printing of Cancelled Bill;

When you opt this option for bill printing you find bill printing copy of all cancelled bill which are in current status. It means those will be printed that you have cancelled at the time of printing.

Printing of Recall Bill;

How many times you have recall the cancelled bill will be printed by the help of this option. It means all recalled bill can be printed from here.

Printing of Re-print Bill;

If you want to know that how many times any particular bill reprinted for it you can use this option. It helps you lot in making transparency in making bill. Sometimes, in absence of main administrator the user prints the same bill for the customer. In such circumstances you can prevent such attempts of user by using this option.


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