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Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software

Updated 22 Aug, 2023
KOT View and Bill View

Experience unparalleled convenience in printing bills for food and liquor orders with the intuitive features of Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software. This software offers two distinct types of bills: KOT Bill and Takeaway Bill, tailored to suit your restaurant's diverse needs.

Navigating Bill Printing

KOT Bill and Counter Bill Printing

To generate a KOT Bill or Counter Bill, follow these simple steps:

  • Accessing KOT View and Bill View: Navigate to Transaction > KOT Entry, or press the F4 key, or click on the KOT/Bill Icon displayed on the main screen.
  • Select the Desired Bill: From the second table on the right side, choose the specific bill you intend to print.

Printing Options:

Now, you have multiple options to initiate the bill printing process:

  • Option 1: Utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P
  • Option 2: Click on Ctrl+P found in the shortcut key bar
  • Option 3: Navigate to Action > KOT/Bill > Print Selected Bill

By employing these straightforward methods, you can swiftly print bills for both KOT and Takeaway transactions, ensuring an efficient and seamless billing experience.

Invest in Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software today to revolutionize your billing procedures. Elevate your restaurant's operations with user-friendly bill printing and management tools, enhancing both customer satisfaction and internal efficiency.


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