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Easy and Simple Salary Software. Payroll Software for Small Business and Individuals. Prepare Staff Salary in a few easy steps.

Easy and Simple Payroll Software - The Salary Software

Fast processing and accessing system which make easier way to operate.

Human Resource is to be considered the most important department for any organisation. It is responsible for each and every decision taken, each and every work done and each and every result in the organisation. Employees should be managed properly and motivated by providing best remuneration and compensation as per the industry standards.

Payroll Salary Software is easy and simple to prepare staff salary in a few clicks. It's a very fast processing and accessing system which makes an easier way to operate and to get solution of complex needs of HR service. In its numbers of facilities have been included which help you to save time.

Payroll Program contains an extensive management system in order to handle employees and all related information at work station where the Administrator or Human Resource department gets too much easier facility to perform their work in a simple way. This customised software highly aims at to enable result-oriented and user friendly management skills in any organisation by supplying tremendous innovative techniques, assisting you in managing status of all employees of your office or organization. It has been developed in such a order which truly provides accurate data in concern with leaves, attendance, Personal details of employees, salary details etc. and also sends you comprehensive system to evaluate the things in just single mouse click on application.

Salary Software Our Payroll software uniquely confers you following salient features;

  • Comprehensive Employment Information:
    • Efficiently manage all aspects of employment information within our payroll software.
    • Streamline employee data for easy access and reference.
  • Personal Information Integration:
    • Capture and store complete personal information for each employee.
    • Ensure a centralized database for quick and accurate HR management.
  • Leave Management System:
    • Simplify leave requests and approvals through a dedicated leave management feature.
    • Keep track of employee leaves effortlessly.
  • Biometric Attendance Integration:
    • Seamlessly import data from biometric attendance machines via Excel files.
    • Automate attendance data input for accuracy and time savings.
  • Leave Balance Monitoring:
    • Monitor and display employees' leave balances in real-time.
    • Enable better planning and resource allocation.
  • Attendance and Leave Coordination:
    • Integrate attendance and leave data for a holistic view of employee availability.
    • Facilitate streamlined coordination between attendance and leave records.
  • User-Defined Salary Heads:
    • Customize salary structures with user-defined salary heads.
    • Adapt the system to meet specific organizational payroll requirements.
  • Detailed Salary Information:
    • Access comprehensive salary details for each employee.
    • Provide transparency and clarity in payroll processes.
  • Bank Letter Generation:
    • Generate bank letters seamlessly within the payroll software.
    • Simplify the process of salary transfers and banking communication.

Payroll provides comprehensive Human Resource Software Solutions for complete HR Management. With years of experience specialising in development of HR software, The Payroll Software portfolio include Staff Attendance System, Leave Management, Shift Management, Project Management solutions, developed to solve complex HR software needs of small to large organisation.

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Salary Bill in Landscape

Salary Bill in Landscape and Employee Signature column

New field as Qualification in Employee Sheet

Salary Bill in Landscape

Salary Bill in Landscape and Employee Signature column

Show designation

Show designation in payslip



Manual attendance

Manual attendance calculation.

Import Attendance

Import excel file of employe time in, time out

HR Module

Added Human Resource Management.

Dashboard Icon

Added dashboard icon, changes in calculation.

Resolve minor issue in Company Creation

Resolve minor issue in Company Creation

Enable to use Temporary Registration number

Enable to use Temporary Registration number

FAQs - Frequently asked question

Do we need to purchase special stationery?

You do not need to purchase any special stationery, as most reports, including payslips, can be printed on plain A4 papers.

What is mathematics of leave?

Leave mathematics is very simple and based on monthly and yearly basis. You have full authority to allow leave according to your wish.

In such case when employees don't use leave balance can it will be added to next financial year?

No, in such case employee's leave balance will not be added and it will be eventually collapsed in the new financial year. Leave balance is only for current financial year. If you have leave balance in such circumstances salary will not be affected.

Can I check salary details of each employee separately?

Obliviously you have facility to check out salary detail of any preferred employee individually.

In case of fixed salary can attendance affect Salary Sheet of employee?

No. If you categorize employee in fixed salary head and such employees don't fulfill attendance requirement, no effect will be in their salary. Whatsoever you have defined salary for them you need to pay. In brief, whether employ's attendance is complete or incomplete their salary will not be affected in such case.