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Updated 08 Mar, 2016

Compu- Restaurant Billing Software brings complete solution for managing restaurant in faster and too easier way. This window based software genuinely provides you appropriate medium to fast entry and accurate output of desired input. We presents you brief outline of this software which really helps you to understand it clearly.

POS PrinterThe package comprises of the following modules:

  • Point-of-Sale (Billing from KOT & Retail Sale)
  • Menu Management & Inventory
  • Reports
  • User Authorization
  • Personalized Bill Printing
  • Software/Hardware Infrastructure
  • Training

All menus under this tag act significantly because these helps you smoothly in KOT entering and also bill generating of guest. These are designed with utmost care which makes software easy, simple and elegant to use and also the data storage and retrieval are effective and efficient and it takes place without any redundant data.

  • Faster access of the Point-of-Sale system with the help of big icons on the home screen.
  • Sales and purchase Entries
  • KOT generation
  • Sales Invoice and Tax Invoice generation
  • Home Delivery System
  • Calculation of tax
  • Customer database details
  • Discount (by percentage, amount, total order and Happy Hours Discount)
  • Various payment Mode(by cash, cheque, credit cards, complimentary)
  • The order entry screen is provided in such a way that the user can enter the order by pressing a series of keys in the keyboard. Mouse can also be used for entering orders. Touch screen menu shall be provided in case if touch screen monitors are used.
  • Multiple billings (make more than 10 bills at a time)
  • Facility for Running Items and running table.

This module maintains the menu management and inventory item details. The following details about the Item are maintained in the system.

  • Very simple process of making Menu card.
  • Sorting the Items (by division, group, kitchen, tax, units).
  • Unit conversion for maintaining the stock.
  • Item Price subject to Table & Room selection.
  • Running Items for faster access.
  • Barcode Enable Billing.
  • Hindi, gujarati or other font selection for KOT printing.
  • Multi Tax.
  • Menu Item with Icons.
  • Fast operating using Hot Keys.
  • Inventory.
  • Recipe Details.
  • Supplier database details.
  • Item Master for Raw Materials.

The system facilitates with every possible report. The following details about the reports.

  • Sales Report (Sales Register, Customer Sales Analysis).
  • Waiter, Computer and Operator Wise Sales Report.
  • KOT Register.
  • Purchase and Purchase Return Register.
  • Raw Sales and Return Register.
  • Daily and Monthly Sales Report.
  • Item Sale Summary (GroupWise and Alphabetic).
  • Raw Material Consumption.
  • Kitchen and Store Stock Summary.
  • Sales Analysis
  • Export Report to Excel (.XLS)

System gives authority to the customer to limit the rights of other users working on the system. The following ways to limit the rights in the system are:

  • Change admin password
  • Limit the options for other users by checking the certain boxes.
  • Add multiple users

According to the printer in a restaurant, system provides the facility to print the bill according to the customer needs. They are:

  • Print time on Bill
  • Print rate on Bill
  • Print address/phone no. on Bill
  • Customer waiting slip
  • Separate Bill for each kitchen
  • Print in Round Figure
  • Bill Auto no. (Daily/Monthly/Yearly)

Minimum software/hardware requirements for the software are:

  • Installation of Windows 9x/XP/Vista/Server 200x.
  • Switch / Ethernet connection between the main restaurant server and windows machines.
  • The windows systems shall be attached with printers.
  • Kitchen printers (40col) shall be connected for KOT / Receipt printing (optional).
  • 80Col Printer for A4 Size reports Printing (optional).
  • Internet connection for updated software, send SMS or EMail and taking remote help.


  • We shall provide adequate user documentation for smooth operation on a daily basis.
  • There shall be a support on the rectification of bugs detected by the restaurant, which shall then be updated after testing.
  • Online internet or e-mail based support shall be provided during office hours.
  • Extremely easy help to learn the software in both the software and on the internet.
  • Live Chat with us to learn the software better.


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