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Hotel Room Billing Software - Complete solution for Room Bookings, Reservations, Check-In, Check-Out and House Keeping.

FrontWin - HMS: Revolutionizing Hotel Management with Seamless Room Billing

Download Hotel Billing SoftwareWelcome to the future of hotel management! At FrontWin, we understand that superior management techniques are paramount for elevating customer satisfaction and achieving consistent growth in the dynamic hotel industry. Drawing from our extensive experience in the field, we are thrilled to introduce our user-friendly Hotel Management Software (HMS), designed to empower hotel and property managers with a comprehensive toolkit. Our software encompasses essential features and innovative functionalities, making it a cornerstone for successful hotel operations.

The Need for Advanced Hotel Management Software

In the competitive hotel industry, efficient management systems are indispensable for delivering exceptional customer experiences and sustaining business expansion. Recognizing this imperative, we have harnessed our deep industry insights to develop a cutting-edge HMS that seamlessly streamlines operations, elevates guest satisfaction, and drives sustained growth.

Pelagian's HMS: Unleashing the Power of Hospitality Management

Pelagian's Hospitality Management Software (HMS) stands as a powerful, Windows-based in-house application engineered to revolutionize daily hotel operations. Tailored to cater to a diverse range of accommodations, including hotels, guesthouses, cottages, dharamshalas, villas, and more, our software empowers establishments to effortlessly manage room bookings, reservations, check-ins, and check-outs on a day-to-day basis.

Features That Define Excellence

Our HMS is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features that encompass the entire spectrum of hotel management:

  • Hotel Reservation: Seamlessly handle guest reservations, ensuring a smooth booking experience.
  • Customer Check-In: Effortlessly manage guest arrivals with a click, streamlining the check-in process.
  • Customer Check-Out: Simplify guest departures and billing procedures, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Integrated Reporting: Access insightful reports that provide a holistic view of customer interactions and business performance.
  • Revenue Enhancement: Our advanced system optimizes processing time, leading to increased revenue generation.
  • Complete Accounting Module: Manage financial transactions effectively, including reservation billing and restaurant billing.

A User-Friendly Solution for Unparalleled Management

Our intuitive software is designed to empower administrators and operators with simplified tools to track check-in and check-out statuses effortlessly. With a single mouse click, you can access comprehensive information, promoting informed decision-making and enhanced customer service.

Elevating Hotel Management to Unprecedented Heights

Embrace the future with FrontWin's advanced HMS, a holistic solution equipped with integrated modules that comprehensively address every facet of hotel management. From reservation handling to revenue optimization, our software ensures that your establishment is equipped to thrive in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Experience the power of FrontWin's HMS today. Elevate guest experiences, streamline operations, and drive growth like never before. Download our Hotel Billing Software and embark on a journey towards seamless hotel management.

Contact us now to unlock a new era of hotel management excellence with FrontWin - HMS.

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Export to Excel in Booking Register

Effortlessly Export Data to Excel in Your Hotel Room Booking Register with frontWin Software.

Improved Speed

Improved speed

GST Billing minor update

Remove GST Number after bill update

IGST Update

Calculation on IGST, if different State

GST for Extra Bed, Update in Bill format

BUGFIX in calculation of GST for extra bed rent

Update in Bill format

New updated and improved bill format

Font Selection in Hotel Name

Now, you can select font and size in Hotel Name and Address

Half and Full Size Printing of Bill

1. Half and Full Size Printing of Bill
2. Can edit extra person after check-in

Renumbering of Bills

1) Added Payment method as online, bank transfer
2) Now you can do Renumering of all or selected bills.

Agent Commission Report

Now added Agent Commission Report

FAQs - Frequently asked question

Can I delete or modify any Room or other Master, which has already been used?

No. You can neither delete nor modify a any master which is already used. However you can create a new master to get your desired room name.

We are using your Restaurant Billing Software. Can we post Restaurant Bill to Room Bill ?

Yes, You can post restaurant bill to Room Bill.

Can I print Logo of My Hotel?

Yes, If you want to print logo of your Hotel on your bill, choose option menu and click company profile where you have option for update logo of your Hotel.

When I start frontWin-Hotel management software. it does not works properly.

If such kinds of scenario happen you can take help from us via mail or phone. We assure you our technical team will resolve your problem shortly.

Do I need to call on you when I want to update my rates or availability?

Obliviously not, you have your own freedom to update your rates and availability in your hotel.

How to print a folio of a guest who has stayed with us sometime back?

If you want to print a folio of stayed guest, you will search detail of that guest in booking register and then come at booking window. Here, you will get an option of print where at the dropdown this button. In this dropdown button you will get guest folio print of the guest.

What involvement is required from my company's IT department?

There is no need of your IT department, if you have, for operating this software. Even a non-tech user can handle this skillfully. It is user friendly software which does not any skilled or technical operator.

Can guest change their room?

Guest can change room but charge will be taken according to defined charge of rooms. Suppose a guest stays for two days in a room, charge will be payable according to this room. Meanwhile, guest changes room for next three days and shifts to other room, charge will be payable at the rate of the changed room.

Can I use this software for Hotel & Restaurant Management simultaneously?

This frontWin- Hotel Management Software is basically prepared for hotel management not for restaurant. So, you can only manage your hotel well orgnaised way by means of this software. If you need to manage your Restaurant also you can purchase our most successful Restaurant Billing Software which is available at low cost. We are offering bundle offer for both software.

What is process of booking in frontWin?

frontWin-Hotel Management Software gives very simple method for room booking process. You simply need to fill arrival & departure date and time alomg with first & last name of guest. Just then click on Update button.