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Updated 20 Aug, 2020

SMS Message in Restaurant SoftwareNow when you do Day End or Re-open Day and you want to receive SMS alert from user you can get it easily. To get SMS benefit you need to click on SMS option button by clicking this path;Tools>SMS

As you follow the path a small window will exist as following

In the above window you need to insert API key number that you get after purchasing SMS plan from us. After inserting API key tick on Day End and keep your mobile number. Later you are advised to click on Force's option Yes or No. If you click on Yes in such case SMS will be delivered automatically but if you have marked on No, in this situation SMS will be sent on your wish. If you want to send, click on its option Send SMS which is given to you in Day End option otherwise left it blank.

Integrate SMS features in Restaurant Billing Software for the transactional messages.
Choose your plan as per your voloume requirement.
Developer API
Use Developer API to Integrate SMS features on other platforms.

To receive SMS on Paid Bill detail, tick on "On Bill Paid" and keep your mobile number.

This benefit is very useful to administrator who keep vigil eyes on the sale's items from restaurant. The SMS will be sent at all time when you do Day End or Re-open Day End.


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