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Comprehensive Offline POS Retail Billing Software with Integrated Stock Management Simplify your retail operations with our feature-rich offline POS

Comprehensive Offline POS Retail Billing Software with Integrated Stock Management

Simplify your retail operations with our feature-rich offline Point of Sale (POS) system.

Effortlessly manage your inventory while streamlining your POS billing process with our Pelagian POS (Point of Sale) General Billing Software. This user-friendly solution is ideal for various businesses, including Grocery Shops, Clothing Merchants, Ready-made Garment Stores, Electronics Retailers, Kirana Shops, and Supermarkets. With its versatile capabilities, our POS Billing Software seamlessly generates bills and works with a variety of Receipt Printers. Experience the convenience of smooth billing combined with efficient inventory management functionalities.

POS Billing Software with Stock

Enhance Your Billing Process with Barcode Integration

Elevate your billing process by effortlessly integrating barcodes into our advanced POS Billing Software.

Effortless Inventory Maintenance for Your Goods

Experience hassle-free daily stock management for all your items, ensuring that you're always up-to-date.

Unleash the Potential of Unlimited Item Classification

Categorize your products into various groups as much as you need, without worrying about item limits.

Comprehensive Customer Management at Your Fingertips

Take advantage of our comprehensive Customer Management System. It includes features like Membership Card Numbers, Customer Names, and Mobile Numbers, ensuring effective customer engagement.

Tailor Your Taxation System to Fit Your Needs

Enjoy the freedom to personalize your tax structure according to your unique requirements, making tax management a breeze.

Diverse Range of Stock Vouchers for Accurate Tracking

Access a variety of Stock Vouchers, including Purchase Entries and Wastage Entries, to ensure meticulous control over your inventory.

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Payment QR Code in Bill Printing

We are excited to introduce a new feature in our restaurant billing software: the ability to print payment QR codes adorned with emojis directly on the bill. When customers scan the QR code, not only will it automatically populate the bill amount, but it will also add an extra touch of enjoyment and convenience to the payment experience.

Your customers can easily pay using any UPI app by simply scanning the QR code on their bill.

Speed improvement

Speed improvement

HSN Report in Excel

Stay ahead of the curve with our latest update! Our enhanced Export to Excel feature for HSN Wise Sales Reports is designed to streamline your sales data management. Easily organize and analyze your sales data according to HSN codes, making business operations smoother and more efficient.

Hot key changed of Sales Order Entry

Sales Order

Sales Order Entry and reports

HSN Wise Sales Report

1) Updated Sales Tax (GST) Summary

2) Updated Purchase Tax (GST) Summary

3) HSN Wise Sales Report

4) Item wise Discount in Bill

5) Select Price slab, if duplicate bar code

Stock valuation on last purchase rate

Show Stock value on last purchase rate

No GST effect after discount, if discount amount is fixed.

Lock Billing for negative stock items

Lock Billing for negative stock items

Update in bill format

Show MRP and Saved amount, earned by customer

POS Billing Software

New release of POS Billing Software

Billing Software for all kind of outlet like Grocery Shop, Cloth Merchant, Readymade Garment Shop, Electronic Shop.

FAQs - Frequently asked question

Can I control negative stock?

Yes, you can control negative stock by locking option "Disallow Negative Stock Entry".