Privacy Statement - Pelagian Softwares

Updated 25 Aug, 2023

Privacy Statement - Pelagian Softwares

In the course of purchasing a product or downloading an evaluation copy, Pelagian Softwares may kindly request your registration details and other personally identifiable information.

We harness this information for a dual purpose:

  • Enhancing Customer Understanding: By gathering such data, we gain valuable insights into the profiles and requirements of our potential customers, thereby enabling us to serve them better.
  • Facilitating Informed Updates: Your provided information allows us to furnish you with essential product upgrades, exclusive special offers, and timely notifications about our latest releases.

We want to assure you that every piece of information entrusted to us remains under strict confidentiality. Its utilization is restricted exclusively to the abovementioned intentions. In cases where we contemplate utilizing your personal details for any other reason, we make a point to acquire your explicit consent beforehand.

If, by any chance, you suspect that Pelagian Softwares has fallen short of upholding these principles, we wholeheartedly encourage you to notify us promptly via email at [email protected]. We are fully committed to promptly addressing and rectifying any such concerns.

To ensure that you stay abreast of all upgrade notifications, special offerings, and news regarding fresh releases, we urge you to keep your contact information current and up to date.


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