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Updated 30 Sep, 2010

Registration Process on Website

Pelagian Softwares regularly comes up with a variety of products in Software and Web designing development which are definitely reliable and value oriented provided to our all esteemed customers. Our prime objective is to enable innovative software techniques to operators or users who use this kind of services for making management system attractive, perfect and time saving. Over seventeen years our highly professional developers have been consistently performing excellent job and also assisting us to deliver most demanded service for all needy entrepreneurs.

We have arranged all our material on our site which supplies you all required details and information in relation to get wide information of all developed softwares, downloading procedure, Manual, tutorials etc. In addition to you can receive and know many more advantages which are especially for you. For getting such facilities you are heartily requested to register with us which will render you credible and broad information about our products, policy and presentation.

For registering with us you need to follow very simple process prepared by us. These processes are being given follow as;

First, open Pelagian Softwares’ site and enter into its inside there you will get an option for User Account at the top of the left side.

Secondly, click on the link at Not a Registerd User, sign up. As you click on this tag you get a small window for Create An Account in this window you are expected to fill all the mandatory boxes which are valid E-mail ID, Mobile No, Name, Password, Retyping of password and filling up security code. Once you fill up all given fields then you need to click on Register Me option.

After submitting the correct details in the next stage you will be asked to verify your E-mail Id. Dear user it is essential to you to verify comprising link in order confirm us validity of email ID otherwise your registration request will not be accepted by us.

As you confirm us by clicking comprising link sent to you on behalf of Pelagian Softwares you will go forward for second step. Here you will once again fill correct personal details and submit it. When we receive your personal details at once your profile will be produced there later you can see it under the tag of my account.

Now your registration request has been approved by us and your name also is to be added in user list. After registering with us you have complete authority to know our product related information and many more things also.

During registering with us you may have certain problems but no need to be worry. We hope if you follow the following steps it will surely help you to make your registration easier;

  • Fill valid E-mail Id to prevent spam.
  • Fill your Name & Mobile Number,
  • Be careful at the time of entering password and it should not be beyond six characters. It is also expected that you have to retype same password if entered password doesn’t match your registration will not be approved.
  • At final stage you fill same security code.

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