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Updated 08 Mar, 2016

Restaurant MenuItem code: Item code is unique number given to each Item (between 1 and 9999) so that it can be used at various places to identify the Item and make the process easier.

Item name: Name of the Items of your restaurant.

Item group: The option enables you to classify your Item in its exact category like Veg, Non-veg, Snack, Beverage, Fast-food, Italian, Mexican, Dessert, South-Indian and Punjabi etc. You can create more groups by using the option Master > Menu Item Group or with Ctrl+G.

Tax desc.: Define the percentage of tax you want to get your customer paid on that particular Item. You can add more taxes as per your wish by using the option Master > Tax Master.

Kitchen: Specify the serial number of kitchen your Item gets prepared. This option provides separate token for each kitchen. You can enter as many kitchen numbers as you have in your restaurant by the option Master > Kitchen or with Ctrl+K.

Item unit: Items are measured in different forms. So ascertain the exact unit of the Item like Kg, bottle, pieces, plate, glass, bowl etc. Customize the unit by using Master > Item Unit.

Decimal: This option restricts you to limit your decimal places. 0 means no decimal, 1 means 1 digit after decimal and so on.

Division: Classify your food Item according the time you want to serve that. Eg. Lunch, dinner, breakfast, fast-food. For adding more divisions use Master > Division.

Item price: Determine the multiple costs according to the various sitting facilities. Eg.: General, Cabin, Room, AC, Non-AC etc.

Running Item: Running Items are those things which are the most demanded or preferred Items in your restaurant. By making an Item a running Item you need not to remember its code for further use (in making bill etc.). Maximum 10 running Items can be given in each division. You can make a Item running Item by clicking Master > Running Item. By this process amongst all the Items in your restaurant you can choose running Items.

Windows font: A very special feature in this software is ‘windows font’. It can be used if you want to make your Item code printed in Hindi, gujarati or any other fonts.

Barcode: Give Barcode Number of related Item, you can give value by scanning of printed barcode on Product.

Item image: Image of Item can be placed here. We are giving you supportive folder so that you can choose the desired images from it.

Except the Items shown on the above screen there are some more options in the Master Menu. These are;

Unit Conversion: For converting one unit to the other. You can use this option for maintaing your stock. Try it by clicking Master>Unit Conversion.

Customer: Enter the details of your frequent customers or while booking a table you can use this facility to know the details. You can enter the details by Master>Customer.

Table: In this option you can tell the program about the sitting arrangement of your restaurant. You can classify your Table no. in various categories listed in table type. Use the option by Master>Table or with Ctrl+T.

Waiter: In restaurant waiter plays very important role for managing well. So you can add your waiter name as per your need. Just enter your waiter name to use it at different places in the programme.Use the option by going Master>Waiter.

Restaurant Menu Bulk UpdateFacility for Bulk Updating;

We also added here facility for bulk updating, it means now you can update or change menu item in group also. For updating existing menu items you need to select all items of which you need to update. When you completely select the items and click on Bulk Update option a following will come to you;

In the above window you need to put tick mark in front of optional box of which you need to update. As you mark the option box will be enabled there later you would select the option. After selecting the required information you have to click on Save button.

How To Delete Existing Items?

Now you can delete single or selected items from this window. if you want to delete the item just select that item by clicking on its box. After selecting the item you need to click on delete option which is given to you at the top of right side of this window. But one thing should be kept in mind that those item can't be deleted which already has been used in Bills.

In addition to this in New Menu Item Addition option we have provided you option for selecting items. As you click on All, None, Inverted and Unused option your selection process will be done respectively. This option helps you in multiple deletion and in getting details of unused items.


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