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Updated 13 Oct, 2010

Print: This option helps you in printing out useful information and reports. You can get printing of following information;

Employee Information Sheet:

Employee information Sheet is basically a blank sheet containing all related employee's information in prescribed format will be printed. In it employee fills up own information which helps you in feeding such information easily.

Employee Register: Under this head you can take print out of certain general information like name, address, Mobile/phone no. and joining date of employee in a division wise.

PAN No.List: You can take print out of such employee those have submitted you PAN no. in division wise format by giving you Name, Address, Mob/Phone no. and PAN NO of employee.

P.F A/c List: Similarly printing of PAN No. you can also print P.F. no of employee by using this option.

Monthly Pay Bill: You have facility to print out of monthly pay bill whatsoever amount you have paid to your employee.

Yearly Pay Bill: Like monthly Pay Bill you can also know paid amount in yearly basis of all employee.

Bank Letter: You may require to write Bank Letter in relation to pay salary of employee and you want to take print out this option can be used.

Salary Certificate: Salary certificate facility is also added here and to get print out of this you can click on its printing option.

Print Pay Slip: To print pay slip of employee you need to click this head in which you select name of employee, month and financial year. How many names of employee you have selected, their pay slip bill will be individually generated.

Yearly Earning Report: Like Pay slip you can also find out earning report of each employee by selecting employee names of preferred financial year. Those employee names need to be selected by you which will be printed out individually.

Yearly Leave Register: To those employee you have allotted yearly leave you can take print out of register of such leaves till the current month or date. It also shows yearly leave balance of employees.

While you go for printing out any one of the above shown things you need to fill some required fields which will be asked by its related message window.


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