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Updated 08 Mar, 2016

It is, of course, essential for hotel industry that its management system must have excellent handling technique for giving better customer satisfaction and also for getting consistent growth . By keeping this in mind our huge experience of this industry has launched user friendly software for hotel management. In it we have included all those prerequisite things which are truly helpful for manager or operator. In addition to this we have entertained innovative techniques and kept utmost care for its successful operation in hotel management. Pelagian's Hotel Software is an in-house Windows based application used by businesses to excel their day-to-day operations such as Room Bookings, Reservations, Check-In or Check-Out. This software is developed for suitable works of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Guesthouses, Cottages, Villas or Any other Room Booking which is to be managed on a day-to-day basis. This Software also includes all the features required in a Hotel Management such as Hotel Reservation, customer check in, customer Check-Out and provides integrated report for all customers. Our software is designed to help administrator or operator to track all Check-In or Check-Out status with just single mouse click. Our advanced software system helps to increase revenue because it saves processing time and also helps to provide better management for room reservation and booking system. This user friendly system can be used to manage daily transactions of a Hotel, which includes Room reservation Billing, Restaurant Billing, Check-In, Check-Out and a complete accounting module. This software is the modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every function of a Hotel management.

Hotel Management Software

Pelagian’s Software is simple and performs most complex calculation in just a single mouse click so that it is widely accepted with due to its fast technology and extremely easy to use in nature. Entire Hotel management system is based on the graphical user interface so that any non technical person or operator can use software easily.

Significant Features

It facilitates you to manage reservations, bookings, pricing plans, room staying, room planning, guests, accounts, folios, agents, basically front office & back

  • Handles Hotel Booking System
  • Manages Hotel Room Reservation System.
  • Hotel Restaurant bills can be added to customers account.
  • Creates several types of account like Admin account, User accounts.
  • Prints Bills of customer when there is a Check-Out, Print report for customer when a booking is done.
  • Simple process for operating software.
  • Easy to manage Property Information, Room Type, Room Inventory, Room Rate, Seasonal Rate and Other Charge
  • Create multiple user with privileges.
  • Guest message.
  • Various Reports like Guest Report, Total Sales Report, Weekly Sales Report, Room Type wise sales report, Tax Report,etc

How our software does help you in managing your hotel?

This software provides you easy access to search the whole scenario of your hotel in single mouse click. It also displays all the current details of your hotel on your computer screen, which attracts user and operator much and also helps them to be updated. Here, you meet with certain features assisting you to a large extent.

Aside these features we have also established standard basic characteristics which confer us distinct recognition in market. Our high enthusiastic thinking deeply strengthens customer’s value and their faith. We basically deliver the following things to out esteemed customers;

  • Safe and secure database.
  • Extended customer support via phone,email etc.
  • Handsome user technique.
  • Room Inventory & Status for upcoming 90 days.

Our outstanding developers have dexterously prepared distinct software package or module for exclusive management of hotel. After observing for many years our meticulous effort has introduced better customer satisfactory software which contains comfortable and accurate means for this. Once you acquaint with this software you meet with its extraordinary features and innovative techniques for effective hotel management. This is the resultant of our reliable service that most of managers and operators are admiring our support for enhancing their managing skills. We deliver exactly reliable service to our customers in order to improve their business prospective by helping them with latest technologies.Our motto is to see broaden smile on the customer’s face. So we have also customer helpline by which one can get hassle-free solution of their queries. It is for the utter benefit of our customer because we value them most.

We have developed five important customised tool bars which give you easy medium to check the details of your hotel in just one mouse click. These are as follows;
In this menu you can easily find out the details regarding Room Bookings and Block Dates of the rooms.

  • Booking information of the existing guest on a single window.
  • Hotel status from main screen with easy Check-In and Check-Out detail.
  • Room change/exchange details.
  • Daily Reservation and Room List
  • Color code for different Room Status Viz. vacant, occupied, Reservation etc.
  • Room Block for Maintenance or other Reason.

This menu displays all the information of rooms and guests and very accurately generates essential data on your screen. It provides you particular and collective information of your customer and hotel.Here, you can also add and assemble multiple information easily. Besides this it keeps certain usful features which are shown below;

  • Showing current details of each room separately.
  • Additon of Room Type.
  • Description of Room Tariff and facility for Tariff Addition and Tariff Rates including Key No. of rooms.
  • Addition of the Guest Identity type.
  • Presentation of existing agent details and addition of new agents.
  • Tax addition and Tax description.
  • Addition of guest's other charges like telephone, laundry, restaurant charge etc.
  • Window presentation of guest's location and addition of new country, state, and city.

This menu accentuates on the additional facility and also enables operators about basic details of flight information, guest's message and instruction. Basically, it provides you the following details;

  • For calculating work, calculator is available.
  • Easy facility to edit Guest Message and Delivery status.
  • Flight details of guests.
  • Feedback of customer regarding hotel service.
  • Instructions of the guest.

User Authority OptionTools;
This provides you safe using of your system because in it user information, company profile, options and compact and repair database are to be directed by administrator. To restrict unauthorised use of system it also provides authorisation to user or operator in following ways;

  • Changing of password.
  • User authorisation.
  • Add multiple users.
  • Provide different options such as Maintaining company profile, date format, printer setting, Bill notes, General settings etc.

For hotel management report plays very significant role because it helps you to be updated regarding all the details of bookings. We also provide certain useful application in order to develop the best kind of managing skills in your hotel .This menu contains information regarding booking register, guest report, payment collection and tax report which are being given below;

  • Window description of Booking Register.
  • Customized reports on demand available now.
  • Daily collection, Room lists and revenue reports.
  • Daily guest arrival and departure reports.
  • Check-Out, Do not rent (DNR), Reserved and In House reports of guest.
  • Tax report.

System RequirementSoftware/Hardware infrastructure;
For better operation of this software minimal software/Hardware requirements are;

  • Switch/Ethernet connection between the main restaurant server and windows machine.
  • Installation of windows 9x/xp/vista/server200x.
  • The windows system shall be attached with printers.
  • Internet connection for updated software and taking remote help.


  • We also provide complete user documentation for smooth operation on daily basis.
  • There shall be a support on the rectification of bugs detected by the hotel operator and manager.
  • Online internet or e-mail based support shall be provided during office hours.
  • Extremely easy help to learn the software in both the software and on the internet.
  • Live chat with us to learn the software better and handsomely.


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