Important Shortcut Key for Using This Software

frontWin - Hotel Management Software


We have developed certain shortcuts keys for this Room Booking window which may be helpful for you.


Shortcut keys for main window:

F4 - Booking

F2 - Payment

Ctrl+o Other Charges


Shortcut keys for Booking Window: 


ALT+S - Staying Information tab.

ALT+G - Guest Information tab.

ALT+V - VIP Guest.

ALT+B - Booking Notes.

ALT+I  - Check-In Notes.

ALT+O - Check-out Notes.

ALT+H - Check-IN

ALT+E - Check-Out

ALT+P - Printing Registration form of Guest.

ALT+U - Update.

ALT+D - Delete.

ALT+X - Exit

ALT+M - Male

ALT+F - Female



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