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Updated 20 Aug, 2023

FrontWin's Hotel Management Software is designed to elevate your user experience and streamline operations. To enhance your navigation through the software's features, we've incorporated a set of convenient shortcut keys. These shortcuts are aimed at expediting tasks and maximizing your efficiency within the software. Here's your essential guide to these time-saving shortcuts:

Shortcut Keys for the Main Window:

    F4: Quick access to Booking functionality. F2: Swiftly navigate to the Payment section. Ctrl+O: Instantly access Other Charges for seamless management.

Shortcut Keys for the Booking Window:

  • ALT+S: Rapidly switch to the Staying Information tab.
  • ALT+G: Effortlessly move to the Guest Information tab.
  • ALT+V: Direct access to VIP Guest details.
  • ALT+B: Easy transition to Booking Notes.
  • ALT+I: Instantly access Check-In Notes.
  • ALT+O: Swiftly reach Check-out Notes.
  • ALT+H: Efficiently perform Check-In.
  • ALT+E: Seamlessly carry out Check-Out.
  • ALT+P: Print the Guest's Registration form.
  • ALT+U: Quickly update information.
  • ALT+D: Speedy deletion of records.
  • ALT+X: Exit the current window.
  • ALT+M: Mark the guest as Male.
  • ALT+F: Indicate the guest as Female.

By mastering these shortcut keys, you can effortlessly maneuver through the software's functions, saving time and optimizing your workflow. Whether you're managing bookings, guest information, notes, or payments, these shortcuts empower you to take control with ease.

Unlock the full potential of FrontWin's Hotel Management Software by integrating these shortcuts into your daily operations. Elevate your productivity, accuracy, and overall experience as you navigate through the software's powerful features.

Experience Seamless Efficiency with FrontWin - Your Hotel Management Solution.


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