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Updated 27 Sep, 2010

This menu consists all kinds of reports as Sales report (Daily/Monthly), Raw material Purchase and Sales Reports, Stock Summary, Item Sale Summary, Raw Material Consumption etc. Here see the brief about the options in this menu.

Purchase Register: Purchase Register brings out purchasing report of raw material on daily basis.. To see the purchase register go to View>Purchase Register.

Purchase Return Register: The daily basis report about the raw material those are returned to the supplier again due to any reason. If you need to see this report you can click on this tag View>Purchse Return Register.

Raw Sales Register: When you sell out your material to your party it generates you complete details or raw material sales. You can know all about Raw Sales Register by clicking on View>Raw Sales Register to access the report.

Sales Return Register: This report should be viewed to know the vouchers about the raw material returned to you by the party. Use the option by clicking on View>Sales Return Register.


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