How To Add New Employee

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Updated 14 Oct, 2010

This tag has been prepared for adding new employee of your organisation. There is very simple process to add new employee which are being given follow;

Click on File>Master>Employee

  • Put personal detail of employee.( Name & Date of birth is mandatory)
  • Write account detail of employee if payment will be done through bank transfer or Bank instruction.
  • Write official information like division name, designation, Joining date, Basic pay, paying mode. If you want to provide fixed salary to your employee, click on its box. You can also fill exit date of employee and also name of refereed person.
  • In addition to basic pay if any more amounts you want to add in employee’s salary, write amount or amount in percentage in its addition box. Similarly if you avail some facility for empolyee and want to take charge of this from empolyee’s salary, select deduction and write amount either in percentage or in rupees / currency.
  • Apart from this you can also browse photo of your employee by clicking on Browse option. In addition you can define leave for your employee either for month or for year.

You can add all employee names and detail by following preceded process. Some technical terms are being described here to understand process easier.

Division Name: In your organisation a number of employee work under various designation which can be categorised in division. That is why this option is given to you.

Designation: Obviously in your office your employee ascertain certain designation and under this you register name of employee in various designation.

Fixed Salary: Suppose you want to provide fixed salary which means if your employee does not fulfil attendance criterion, in such circumstances no deduction will be made on his/her salary.

Exit Date: In that case your employee works with you for fourteen days and after that leaves office you can insert exit date there which will help you to make salary of that employee properly.


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