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Updated 06 Oct, 2010

Payroll SoftwarePelagian Softwares's Payroll contains an extensive management System in order to handle employee and all related information at work station where Administrator or Human Resource department gets too much easier facility to perform their work in a simple and systematic way. This customized software highly aims at to enable result-oriented and user friendly management skills in any organization by supplying tremendous innovative techniques assisting you in managing status of all employees of your office or organization. It has been developed in such a order which truly provides accurate data in concern with leaves, attendance, Personal details of employees, salary details etc. and also sends you comprehensive system to evaluate the things in just single mouse click on application.

Our Payroll software uniquely confers you following salient features

  • Employment Information Management.
  • Complete personal Information.
  • Leave Management.
  • Reports.
  • Leaves Balance.
  • Attendance & Leave Management.
  • User Defined Salary Head.
  • Salary Details.
  • Bank Letter.

Pelagian softwares’ Payroll supplies comprehensive Human Resource Software Solutions for complete HR Management. With years of experience specializing in development of HR software, the payroll software portfolio include Attendance Software, Payroll Software, Leave Management, Shift Management, Project Management solutions, developed to solve complex HR software needs of small to large organization.

Salary PrepareHuman Resource is the most important resource for any organization. It is responsible for each and every decision taken, each and every work done and each and every result. Employees should be managed properly and motivated by providing best remuneration and compensation as per the industry standards.

The software has its very fast processing and accessing system which make easier way to operate and to get solution of complex needs of HR service. In it numbers of facilities have been included which help you to save time.

Why do you prefer to Payroll Software?
Once you opt this software and use it, a positive response will certainly come out by giving you self-satisfaction and smile on your face. Basically there are certain core points have been accumulated in this which invites you to select Pelagian Softwares’ Payroll. All the basic characteristics are being shown to you below

We have developed four significants steps on which the base of entire software lie in

The features essentially have been added in relation employees’ salary, attendance and medium to define salary. In brief it brings out following given convenience to you

  • Get salary status of your employee individually.
  • Make changes in salary of employee.
  • Facility to find out salary details of employee on monthly or yearly basis.
  • Excellent attendance sheet in both Tabular and Appened mode are available.
  • Create designation for employees.
  • Personal Detail of employee.
  • User defined salary Head.

Payroll ReportVIEW:
This view menu simply exhibit paybill register of your employees individually and simultaneously. In addition you get following features here.

  • Find out paybill register of your all employees on monthly and designation basis.
  • Avaliablilty of paybill register in a mode of financial year.
  • See employees’s net personal earnings of a year.
  • Yearly leave register of employee.

This option facilitates you to get print out of various information or reports in relation to your employees. It provides prints facility for following given options

  • Employment Information sheet.
  • Employee Register.
  • PAN NO. List of employees.
  • P.F. Account List.
  • Monthly Paybill Register.
  • Yearly paybill register.
  • Bank Letter.
  • Salary Certificate.
  • Print Pay Slip.
  • Yearly Earnimg Reports.
  • Yearly Leave Register.

It generally gives you facility for some additional support to operate the software very easily and safely. Here you get

  • User Authorization.
  • Day end Facility.
  • Compact Repair Database.
  • Facility for Bank Letter & Salary certificate.
  • Set up for company Profile and other option.
  • Changing of Password.


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