How to create Salary Head for your Employee ?

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Updated 14 Oct, 2010

This helps you to make salary head for your employee that means you can add TA/ DA, H.R.A, P.F. LIC etc. on salary by defining its type. To access this facility you need to come by this tag; Files>Master> Salary Head.
A window will appear to you in which you are expected to fill up following information;  

  • Name of salary head. 
  • Short Description of salary head maens write PA for performance appraisal. 
  • Type of salary head means whether salary will be added on employee's salary or deducted from salary. 
  • Select option on which you would like to calculate on e.g basic pay, Net pay, Grand Pay etc.
  • Write amount in percentage or rupees/currency.
  • Finally click on save option.
How to change or delete existing salary Head? If you want to make any changing or deleting existing salary head, click on the desired row given there and apply button of New or Delete as per need.

Dear User, one thing should be kept in mind that  you can't define basic salary in the option of salary head. This option has been prepared for giving to add salary head in employee's salary. Basic pay will always define from Employee option only.


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