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Updated 25 Sep, 2010

To find out the sales resister of any particular day you need to come along with this tag; View>Sales report>>Sales Register.

After clicking the tag a window will come up in which you can see sales information of the particular date by entering the date in the given box at the left side of window. As you enter the date you at once become aware about the details of sale of that day. One thing is also added here that you can get sales report according to computer wise. When you think to take sales report computer wise you will have to select the name of computer along with its date. A window of view sale register will open as below;

Day wise Sales Register

You can print the report by clicking on "Print ". Apart from this you can Re-print any particular Bill also. For re-print the bill you need to select the bill first and just then click on Re-print bill.

At the below of this window means In Summary you can see the cash sale, credit sale and pending amount of the day (If the bill is unpaid, it tells about the pending amount).

Facility for the Cancel and the Recall Bill.

Cancel Bill: Now you can cancel the bill as per your requirement. When you cancel the bill the amount as well as item would not be counted in the sales report. This option can be used by simply clicking on Bill no. of any particular date. At a time you can only cancel one bill. After selecting the bill no. just click on cancel bill given at the right side of the same window. As you click a message box will come to you which will demand your acceptance to cancel the bill. Here you need to click on OK.

When you successfully cancel the bill the detail of all cancel bill will be shown to you at the below.

Recall Bill; This facility is provided to enlist the cancel bill in the proper sales record once again. Whenever you require to enlist the cancel bill into genuine bill you can do it. Just select the cancel bill which you want to add and finally click on Recall Bill given to you at the below of Cancel Bill on the right side of this menu.


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