An Introduction- School Accounting Software

School Accounting Software (Multiuser)

Updated 08 Nov, 2010

Software provides a complete solution for working out all functions of back office for schools, colleges and any other educational institution where one needs to manage accounting in a systematic and accurate way. This software assists you in handling all small and large requirements in a smooth way. The process is too simple and user friendly which renders you a fast medium for easy solution.

A multi-user DOS based accounting software enabled with many extra added features offers you a smooth way to handle school management in a systematic way which later saves up your time and money instead of investing such things on unorganized way of managing. It has some handsome options which greatly bring satisfactory results and also gives you smile by rendering better medium which you would have earlier.

This School Management software has been prepared considering the needs happens in the school system, namely, principal, teachers, students and employee too.

Let's know its basic features in a nut shell;

  • Student’s Record and Fee Receipt Management:
  • S.R. Register
  • Roll Number Allotment
  • S.R Register
  • Register for Student Attendance
  • Class Wise Student Register
  • Class wise Student Register for male and female
  • Occupation Wise Register
  • Religion Wise Register
  • Cast Wise Register
  • Category Wise Register as General, OBC, SC, ST.

Now we begin a detailed description of each major menu of this school accounting software;

Master: This menu helps you in defining some significant heads which later these heads run your software as per requirements of institutions as well as makes process easier.

Under this head you add own desirous fields for below given option.

  • Account Name
  • Account Group
  • Name of class addition
  • Name of Term
  • New Fee Head
  • New Fee Structure set up
  • Creation of student Profile Performa
  • New Item Addition
  • Item group Addition
  • New employee addition
  • Sequence of feed Head Master

Other Master: Under this menu you can add the following heads;

  • Documents
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Category
  • Manufacture
  • Transports
  • Unit of quantity
  • Unit Conversion

Transaction: This menu helps you in transaction process which is too essential for your accounting process. It includes following features;

  • Fee Collection
  • Bus Fee Receipts
  • Vouchers
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Salary Bill preparation
  • Employee Activity
  • Configuration

View Under this menu you can get various details in relation with your institution. You can see here detail like;

  • Class wise girls/boys list
  • School wise girls/boys list
  • Class/Category wise girls/boys list
  • School/category wise girls/boys
  • Fee Report
  • Day Book
  • Daily Balances
  • Inventory
  • Final Accounts
  • Account Summary
  • Employee View
  • Statistics

Print: You have also facility for printing various necessary documents as per your need. You can take print of following information;

  • Item Statement
  • Critical level
  • Day Books
  • Account Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Group Summary
  • Trading Account
  • Income and Expenditure A/C
  • Balance Sheet


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