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Updated 08 Oct, 2020

This software provides you very easy facility for room booking. There are basically two modes for room booking, by using any mode you can book your rooms. These modes are.

  • By using Dashboard &
  • Go to Reservation menu as; Reservation>Booking

We have already known about booking process from Dashboard and know we learn Room booking Process by second medium.

As you enter in Room Booking window you will get following window for booking.

Customer Booking Information

In this booking window basically there are four important booking boxes which are.

  • Stay Information.
  • Miscellaneous or Business source.
  • Room and Rate Information or Room Details and Bill details of guest.

Apart from this there are also two important boxes in which one is about Guest Information and second is about Do Not Rent (DNR).

At first, we know about staying information of guest. Here, you need to fill Check-In Date, Time & number of days for staying by clicking on Increasing (>) or Decreasing (<) button or Check-Out date, First & Last Name of your guest. These are mandatory field which must be filled. In case if you don’t fill it properly booking can’t be accepted and when you will finally press update button a message of instruction will come to you. You can also add certain information of your guest like selection of ID card & its no. and if guest is VIP then just do single click in front of its box.

Now, let come to define about business source. In this box you can select that mode which your guest have followed to come your hotel. Probably, guest has arrived there through Travel Agent, Reservation, Walk-In or Web Registration. When you select the box for travel agent or web agent there automatically a list of agents will be generated separately in travel or web agent box whose name you require to fill there. If you want to add new agent or agent details just Double click on plus button of red color, which will show you all the details of both kinds of agent distinctly and in this window you need to fill name and other detail of your new Agent. And if you want to save this just click on save button otherwise press Exit. You must have required to fill up only Agent name and type(i.e. travel or web) to add any new agent. Similarly, if you need to delete any name of Travel or Web agent just click on the name which will be there and press Delete option and a message box will come for your confirmation for Yes or No; here make your approval by just pressing Yes or for rejection click on No button.

The third step concerns about Room Details. In its first option you need to select Room Type and Room No. After selecting room type the no. of adults and children for the specific room will appear to you in the regarding text boxes. If guest comes with extra adult or children, you can insert this information in the box clearly because according to this charge will be defined. Just below this you see DNR option which stands for DO NOT RENT guest. If you want to exempt from rent to your guest just select Yes option which is given there. Once you book room for DNR guest all the charges besides other charge will be zero for this type of guest. And in the Bill Details column you will see room rent, total tax, Total amount, Discount, Net amount and balance in dim color on which no change can be acceptable but only other charges and payment of your guest can be added, changed or unchanged.

While You select DNR option just below of this there is option for Do Not Rent Reason becomes dark. Just do single click there and add reason for DO NOT RENT and then press OK button. For this a frame will come to you as;

Do Not Reason in Hotel Billing Software

In this final step, you need to click on Check-In option (if guest is to be occupied not in Reserve case) for tick mark and then Press Update button and a message box for your confirmation will come click on YES for booking and NO for not. Once you update successfully all the details of your guest a message box in green color will exist at the bottom of right side of your screen for making confirmation of successful saving of booking information of guest.

After following these final steps now your booking has been completely accepted by this extraordinary software. It should be kept in mind that after booking guest’s Cancellation of booking, changing of room, printing of bill etc will be done.

Note: you can reach at Booking Information Window only pressing by F4 button.


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