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For printing of bill we have designed attractive method in which you can print your favourite Bill heading, Bill notes, Print Bill in amount, printing logo on bill, printing of bill in round figure and printing of bill in Auto no. schedule(daily, monthly & yearly). Getting these features you need to fill the details in following window:

frontWin - Set up Option

To reach this window select this path as Option>Bill and above window will appear there in which you need to follow these process;

  • In Bill Head option write your desired Head of Bill.
  • Fill Note option according to your policy which you want to provide with bill.
  • If you want to print your bill in round Figure, click on its box.
  • For printing logo on your bill's copy click before Print logo option.
  • You may prefer to print your Bill amount in word for this simply click in front of this box otherwise left it blank.
  • Finally select button for Bill auto No. schedule in Daily or Monthly or Yearly box. According to this your bill's copy will be generated.

Discount Format:To set up discount format either in rupees or in percentage you need only select the box of discount. If you want to give discount in % , just mark it otherwise left it blank for rupees. Follow this track to go there as; Option>discount and window will be shown and once you filled rate please click on OK or Apply button.

Settings Of Greetings;By following this path you can also print greetings on bill Option>greetings. Following window will appear there in which just edit greeting in the Greetings Templates and then click on OK or Apply button.

Setting Default No. of Bill Copies to Print;You may have need of one copy or more than one, so we have given you this facility. Along with this you can set Left Margin for bill by selecting option. For this, select following path and only fill your desired copies of bill and if you need to set up margin of bill just click it also.


Setting of Date format;You can also set date format according to your choice. For this select Option>general path. Here you will have following window of date format in which you are requested to select it then Click on Ok or Apply button.

Currency Format;To print format of currency just follow the following paths; Option>Currency

A following window will be there just fill all the details and eventually click on Ok or Apply button


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