Compu Restaurant KOT Android App

Restaurant Billing Software

Updated 22 Aug, 2020

Try before buyCompu Restaurant KOT Android App :
Compu Restaurant Billing App helps to take KOT Order in your Local WIFI Network on mobile and TAB

You can use this app to take order from guest. KOT will transfer to Compu Restaurant Billing Software for Windows Software in PC. When you will punch KOT, Computer will auto start print KOT to printer anywhere in your local area.


  • No use of Internet connection.
  • Easy to add item in KOT. 
  • Direct transfer KOT to your PC Software.
  • Set your own Restaurant / Bar Photos on menu screen.
  • Pictorial view of items.

Where to use ?

  • On Table for use of guest.
  • In waiter hand to take order from guest.
  • In Room for food service.

Software / Hardware Requirements

  • An Android Device
  • Compu Restaurant Billing Software for Windows on Your PC (Available for download on Developer's website)
  • Modem / Router to set WIFI
  • Receipt Printer

Instruction to connect with your Desktop Application

  1. Install App and Run it once.
  2. Copy your rec.mdb in db_mdb folder under CompuRestaurant-KOT folder located in SD Card for first time to sync menu.
  3. Run App again. Give IP Address of your local area network for installed Desktop Application. We recommend to set Manual IP on your computer. 
  4. TAP on Sync.
  5. Run Restaurant Billing Software for Windows on Computer.
  6. Click on Android Server
  7. In Given Dialogue Box, Click on Start Server and minimize this dialogue box.
If you are unable to sync your menu item, please email us at [email protected] or send message on WhatsApp +919829500343