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Updated 25 Sep, 2010

In restaurant the importance of items are truly first necessity because at any cost you need to define all your items under certain guidelines that you bring yourself. This option thoroughly helps you in defining your items for the restaurant in a smooth and desirable way.

By using this facility you can handsomely manage your items of restaurant properly. For using this one you are advised to click on this tag Inventory>Item master. Later a window will open to you in which you get prescribed options which are explicitly being illustrated at below

Let's Know How to Use the Options

Item Name: Simply put down name of the Item.

Item Group: You can also categorize the Item in its group like Dry Fruit, Vegetable, Fast Food, Non-veg etc. It will later help you in seeking group wise items of your restaurant.

Item Unit: Items must have its unit so define unit of the Item like Kg, gram, liter, dozen etc.

Opening bal. in qty: The initial qty. you have of that item.

Critical Level: For purchasing you should know what should be the main/max qty in your stock. Then fix the reorder level so that you get informed about what and when to purchase.

Item Rate: Of course, here you are asked to keep Price/cost of the Item.

Click on Save button to save it. You can sort the Items as Group and Item wise also by clicking on left top side.

Double click on the row to edit any Item details.


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