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Updated 17 Dec, 2010

Define Job RateThis is too significant window that helps you in defining the job rate accordingly to the booking or customer type. It means for every kind of booking type you have to define the job rate. When you need to define the job rate you have to come through this path; Customer/Job Management>Other Master>Add/Change job Rate.

As you access the path a window will come to you in which you have to fill certain information by following simple process that are being mentioned below.

  • At first select the booking/customer types of which you want to add the job rates.
  • Select the job size.
  • Put table name for it
  • Write job rate of every job types in its option Raw and Fixed.
If you maintain the tax for fixed or raw rate, you can define rate for both raw or fixed. In case you don't maintain such kinds of rate then you will only define fixed rate.

In this way you would define job rate of every booking types by taking size. After defining the rate press Enter key for updating the information.


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