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Updated 12 Dec, 2020

There are three types of bill.

  • Via KOT: When guest comes in Restaurant on Table and order something, make a KOT - Kitchen Order Token. You have to make separate KOT for each order. After completation of order. Generate bill with table number.
    What is KOT in Restauant: KOT is stand for Kitchen Order Token. Guest order some Items from Restaurant Menu for multiple times. Waiter writes order in his Slip Pad and gets order from Kitchen, that is KOT. Compilation of all KOT of Single Customer is Bill.
  • Direct Counter Billing: No need to make KOT
  • Home Delivery: When customer order something via telephone, ask him for telephone number and fill up complete detail of customer as name, address for one time only and make bill for it.
Quick Tour of Restaurant Billing Software for DOS

How to add room service charges in bill
Add letter "R" in Table number and give the value of Room Service Charges in Control (Fix-Up) from Util Menu.

Printing Format of Bill
Bill format are defined in 4" paper for all Dot Matrix Printer and 2" paper for Wipro TX40 Printer. To take printout of second copy of bill. Goto Print Menu. You may enable for rate coloumn in bill for 80 Coloumn printer only.

Enable Autocut Paper in Thermal Printer
To enable of auto cut of paper in TM Series Printer, Goto Other Setup in Control (Fix-Up) from Util menu and give value 'Yes' for Auto Cut Paper.


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