Addition of Booking Or Customer Types

Photo Lab Accounting and Billing

Updated 26 Mar, 2015

In order to serve the better customer service you categorize booking and customer into respective list. Generally, for photo lab accounting customer or booking is defines into such names like Advance Paid, Dealer, Credit, General etc.

When you would like to add new booking or customer types you have to follow this path.

Customer/Job Management> Other Master> Booking/ Customer Types>New Booking/Customer Types

As you follow the path at once a window will come to you in which you have to fill the following information.

  • Name of Customer or booking
  • Assigned Short Name
  • Choose accounts name for Advance Credit Collection
  • Choose accounts name for Advance Debit Collection
  • Write First letter of Job Number (if you want)
  • Write the starting job number.
  • If you want facility for required Advance Column Field, put "Y" otherwise write "N"
  • If you don't want auto job No. in such case put "Y" for required Manual Job No.


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