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Updated 26 Mar, 2015

In this module you enter booking information of your customers by inserting very few information. It asks you to implement very simple process for entering booking information. When you book jobs you at first require to access to this path; Customer/Job management> Job Booking Entry.

As you access this path a window would open here you should ascertain about booking date. Yet by default the present date would be there.

After this you will get three basic options regarding booking in which you need to fill relevant data by using some process of such options. Let's know about its all options and its process as well as its usability in detail;

Photo Lab Accounting and BillingSelect Booking Types: Here, you select the types of booking as per your requirement. Generally in booking types you place all types of booking in which you deal in. You can give name of such booking types like Credit, Dealer, General, Advance Paid etc. If you intend to add booking types you need to go through this path Customer/Job Booking> Other Master>Booking/Customer Type Addition. Later we will discuss it broadly.

Customer Name: Select your customer name because before making every booking entry you need to register name of customer at first. In case of unregistered or new customer you have to registered names by using New Customer option. This option is given at the top of all existing names in the same menu.

One thing should be kept be in mind that the names of all customers will be saved in accordance with Customer or Booking Types. It means whatsoever you would assigned booking types for customer that will be enlisted in that group.

JOB NO.: If you have selected Job number in manual mode in such case you would be asked to enter job no at the time of saving information. But if you want automatic Job No. in this circumstance you have no need to put down job no because it is auto generated that is prefixed from Booking/ Customer types option.

Additionally, as per your requirement you would also fill there quantity of job works by choosing size and type.

After following all the steps you need to press Enter. As you press Enter continuously two times it will ask you about printing. If you want to take receive printing copy, put there number of copies and use Enter key. It means you have facility to get bill of job booking instantly.


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