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Updated 20 Dec, 2010

This option confers you facility to get printing copies of various reports that are considered important for various reasons. This software provides you broad opportunity to get printing of all significant reports. Let's observe those reports of which you can take print;

Daily Reports; It consists reports primarily based on job booking and delivery. It also brings you those production and delivery reports on daily basis. In brief, you can get printing copies of following reports that are being given below;

  • Booking Chart (Job Received)
  • Delivery Chart
  • Developing (Striker No. Wise)
  • Production Chart (Date Wise)
  • Distribution Chart (Date Wise)

Day Reports; In it you have facility to get printing reports of following shown options;

  • Booking Detail on (Tally on Size)
  • Delivery Report (Job No. Wise)
  • Booking Detail (Tally On Job No.)

Document Printing; It produces printing reports of those reports related to account. Those are given below;

  • Job/Advance Report
  • Cash/Credit/ Chalan Memeo

Reports Layout ; It also generates printing copies that are related to your account department. This helps you in taking printing copies of following given reports;

  • Difference in production and Delivery'
  • Advance Account (Job No Wise)
  • High Value Business.


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