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Updated 21 Oct, 2020

Travel or Web Agent plays very important role for Hotel Industry. It is just like a medium of business between your Guest and hotel. In this menu you can check the list of all your Travel or Web agent and you have given facility to add New Travel or Web Agent. By going through following path you can take advantage of this facility.

Masters> Travel Agent.

As you click the tag following window will appear to you which consists information of your all Travel or Web Agent and also format for addition of New Travel or Web Agent;

Travel Agent Master

How to add name of your Travel or Web Agent.

Edit all the information in following way.

  • Write complete name of agent, phone no. mobile no. Contact person, email Id, Website name of agent.
  • Select country, state and city name of Agent.
  • Select your type of agent whether web or Travel.
  • Finally select on save button.

You must not have to fill up all above information, you have only required filling up only the agent’s name and the field regarding to the agent (i.e. travel or web) which are mandatory fields.

How to Delete Travel Agent

After agent’s information there will be an excel sheet on which name of all existing Travel or Web agents are to be given. When you want to Delete the name of your any particular agent please do double click on the name of that agent. Once you click on the name inactive button Delete become active and according to your own requirement you are advised to follow process.

If you want to delete do double click on name of agent as you click all the details automatically is to generated in the box of Agent’s Information, here you need to follow the same above written process and finally click on Delete button at status bar. There a message will come for your confirmation click on YES for giving consent and on NO button for not giving confirmation. This window will appear as.


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