What is Tabular Form of Attendance

Payroll for Windows

Updated 06 Oct, 2010


What Is Tabular Mode?

Basically it is in a form of table where you mark attendance of all employee by division wise. Simple process to mark attendance is being given below;  

  • Select Division Name, Month & Year otherwise by default current month & year will be there.
  • Click on before the date as you do so you need to select Present, Absent, Half Day, Leave, LWP & Sunday. After making selection press ENTER key. What button you select it will be applied for every employee.
  • And finally press on Save Button.


To Make Change in Attendance Feeding:

Suppose you commit towards wrong mistake in feeding attendance in such case you can make an easy change on any marked attendance of your employee. For changing just click on your preferred attendance box and mark correct attendance and finally press enter key. 


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