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Photo Lab Billing and Accounting Software for Digital Photo Color Lab | Manage your Customer Account

Photo Color Lab Accounting and Billing System - Multiuser

Photo Lab Accounting

It is User friendly software that is complete solution for Photo lab accounting. Most of operators and administrators prefer it lot and praise its compatibility and usability. In every step it brings easier technique to resolve the problems that generally occur during management for accounting and development of production.

In its every module all relevant care has been delivered for making the software simpler, easier and faster. In its brief module from single to large requisitions of lab accounting have been enlisted thoroughly. In addition, utmost care has been implemented to prevent any kinds of error. The complete output will be based on your desirable input.

The Digital nerves system of a Photo Color Lab PHOTO LAB ACCOUNTING or PHOTO LAB/LAN ACCOUNTING have developed on every requirement of Photo Color Lab and Digital Photo Color Lab to manage Booking, Delivery, Developing, Production with Final Accounts. It’s also maintenance Cash Book and Daily Balance.

Software Booking to Delivery System

  • Job Booking
    When customer gives his job to develop roll and printing it, software will allot a job number to manage that job with advance (if any).
  • Job Developing
  • Can be enter roll name like Fuzi, Konica, Kodak and other with customer job number. This facility is optional.
  • Job Production
  • How much print of job can be enter here, this option will supply information of number of prints to delivery counter.
  • Distribution Chart
    To manage production to counter (optional).
  • Job Delivery
    When customer demand his job, just enter job number and you will get complete bill of customer in cash, credit or challan as we request.

Booking / Delivery Chart

At a glance report of any short of entry with specific range on date/number and their Totals. Easy Setup

  • Easy Setup of Lab Name, Address and Phone Numbers.
  • Customization Folder of Data.
  • Customization Folder of Backup.
  • Rate Change of Job as Customer Properties.
  • Change Financial Year.
  • Paint Document of Booking, Delivery, Payment Receipts.
  • Sequence of Size in Printing Reports.
  • Rate of Service Tax.

Daily Reports

  • Booking Chart: Amateurs, Generals, Dealers & others type of Customer.
  • Delivery Reports: Cash, Credit, Challan & others type of memo.
  • Production Chart.
  • Developing Chart.
  • Daily Balances.

Service Tax

Auto calculation of service tax on Processing Charges. Auto Transfer in Accounting and easy to handle service tax register. No programmer required to make change in Service Tax. Daybooks:
Cash Book, Bank Book, Sales & Purchase Register, Journal Register and Ledger.

Analysis Reports

  • Advance Detail
    A report for advances received from customers from amateur, studios, general and professional.
  • Highest Business of Customer
    Which studio and professional give highest business during period.
  • Difference in Production & Delivery
    Show the difference in production and delivery, in manner of print qty, job size and job type.
  • Job Produced & delivered
    Job has been delivered which are produced.
  • Stock Valuation
    Show job stock in numbers of envelope (quantity) and amount also.
  • Job Produced but not delivered.
  • Paper Consumption
    If you give paper feed, it will calculate consumption of paper roll in single key.
  • Film Counting
    Number of Film / Roll are developed as konika, fuzi, kodak and other rolls calculation for Market Survey
  • Day work Report
    Consolidated report of number of prints.
  • Customer Inquiry.

Default values

For fast billing give the default values in booking and delivery vouchers.

Printing of Document

  • Job / Advance Receipt, Cash Memo, Credit Memo, Challan, Receipt Voucher.
  • Reprint of Bills.
  • Report of Job Receipts.
  • Unlimited Job Type & Job Size
No limitations in handling any numbers of Job Type and Size of Jobs and rate categories.
Automatically Backup on hard disk designation in your own.
Multi User Dimension
This software also work on LAN with multi-user.
Auto Checking
It calculates automatically all over memos as Cash, Credit, Challan.
Daily Transactions
It is also maintenance yours daily transaction like Payments, Receipts and Bank Transaction.
Password Security and User Profiles
Log with user name and password, this software facilitate to user, options are given to users. User's option allotment is easy and can be done by Superuser’s password only

Our Pricing Table

Buy Photo Lab Accounting and Billing at affordable price rate and get exclusive profit for your business. GST 18% Extra.

Single User

5999 / pc

One Time Cost

No AMC, No Renewal

Free upgrade

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GST Update

Photo Lab Billing Software is now GST enable.

Customer Wise Rate, Disable/Enable Distribution Entry

Customer Wise Rate, Disable/Enable Distribution Entry

Discount in Auto Delivery Entry, resolve password change problem

Resolve password changing problem and Discount coloumn in Auto Delivery Entry. 

Authorise/Unauthorise user to change bill and booking job in Photo Lab Accounting Software.

Authorise/Unauthorise user to change bill and booking job in Photo Lab Accounting Software.

PHOTOLAB Ver. 2.7 Release. 2 launched

PHOTOLAB Ver. 2.7 Release. 2 launched

PHOTO LAB : Service Tax Changed Setup facility given in Control Panel "No programmer required" in future

PHOTO LAB : Service Tax Changed Setup facility given in Control Panel "No programmer required" in future

PHOTO LAB : Financial Year creation can be done by yourself YES - "No programmer required"

PHOTO LAB : Financial Year creation can be done by yourself YES - "No programmer required"

FAQs - Frequently asked question

Is facility for Job Booking is easier?

The job booking process has been adopted in such a style that operator can easily make booking entries without complaining any sorts of difficulties. For booking you have to select the customer types and just then put down job description and write Job No in case of manual otherwise automatically job no will be brought in.

Is there any limitation in making sizes and plants?

No, you have complete freedom to prepare your production size and plants. It totally depends on you to define size and plants as per your wish.