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Updated 06 Oct, 2010

User Account: This option brings facility of safe using of this software which includes basically three option’

  • Add User
  • Change Password, and
  • Authority

Add User: By taking help from this you can add new user for operating it successfully by one or more than one. For adding name of user click this tag;
Tools>User Account>Add User.
A small window then appears in which put name and user password only.

Change Password; Because of any reason you may need to change password and this process will be implemented via Tools>User Account>>Change Password.

What is User Authority?

User Authority is essentially one of most important option which guarantee for secure using of this software.This particularly refers to administrator who defines certain criterion for users. If administrator wants to give specific authority or prerogative to user for operating it successfully, you need to follow this tag; Tools>User Account>> Authority

A window will come to you in which you need to follow few process for giving authority to user;

As you examines in the window of left side you need to select user name, just in the right side an optional window will come to you. While you select option, a small box will be there for your desired approval in that you need to tick or click it for giving authority to your user later user can use these privileges. When you fill all the boxes properly, you should click on Ok or Apply button for operating successfully. A window will just come to you on that time


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