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Updated 17 Jan, 2019

Now we consider some of important options which are indeed essential for generating attractive copies of bill. These options are;

Greeting; To print greeting on customer's bill you need to click greeting option which is given under this head; Tools>Option>Greeting. A window will come to you consisting some information which are;

  • Greetings Templates; You can write here your specific greeting.
  • Template Alignment; Select that side where you want to print greetings.
  • Template Appearance; Select on which part of the bill you want to print this bill.

Print; For print bill you need to set some information like ;

  • Set margin.
  • Desired no of bill copies
  • Choose no of line.
  • For bold font click on this option.
  • Click before this box if you want to print by dot matrix Printer.
  • If you want to print through Preprinted Stationary in which a format has been given, mark this option.

Next of this option window you will get General option in which you can select desired format of date.

Currency; You have facility to set currency of your country by this option. IN its window you need to fill following information;

  • Name of currency.
  • First unit of currency.
  • Second Unit of currency.

Coupon for customer; When you bring bill for customer you need to print lots of thing. Keeping this thing in mind a option has been prepared known as Coupon for Customer. In this menu you only need to select the options that you want to print on the bill. This window is to be accessed through this path; Option>Coupon for Customer. As you click on this you will get a window in which following option would be given;

  • Bill No.
  • Bill date
  • Table Name
  • Waiter Name
  • Print Rate
  • Print Amount

In above shown all the six options can be printed on the bill but you can also select desire one as per your need and requirement. But before selecting all these option you at first need to mark on its title option named Required Coupon for Customer. Unless you select it the all options will be appeared in inactive mode.

After following the all option you need to click on OK button.


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