Studio AccountingStudio Accounting 1.8

Complete Billing and Accounting software for Studio and Photostat shop with Customer Job management system.

This software have contain multi facilities for purpose of Studio Booking, Exposing detail, Customer Job management, Video Job ( VHS Stock ), Goods Sale, Stock of camera, film, battery etc. This software contain also Photostat billing feature to concern Government Department and Banks. If you do Mixing, Dubbing, Numbering and other jobs related to Video, you can also manage customer jobs ordered by him. Software is running successfully running at Bikaner, Barmer, Jodhpur, Didwana.

Studio Accounting (StudioAC)

Software Booking to Delivery System for Photo Jobs:

  • Job Booking: when customer gives his job to develop roll and printing it, software will allot a job number to manage that job with advance (if any).
  • Job Delivery: When customer demand his job, just enter job number and you will get complete bill of customer in cash, credit or challan as you request.

Software Booking to Delivery System for Video Jobs.

  • Cassette Booking: when customer gives his cassette for mixing, dubbing, numbering and add for mix songs, software will allot a cassette number to manage that job with advance (if any).
  • Cassette Delivery: When customer demand his cassette, just enter cassette number (allotted by StudioAC software) and you will get complete bill of customer in cash, credit or challan as you request.

Booking / Delivery Chart:
At a glance report of any short of entry with specific range on date/number and their Totals.

Easy Setup:
  • Easy Setup of Studio Name, Address and Phone Numbers.
  • Rate Change of Job.
  • Change Financial Year.
  • Rate of Service Tax.
Daily Reports:
  • Booking Chart: Amateurs, Generals, Dealers & others type of Customer.
  • Delivery Reports: Cash, Credit, Challan & others type of memo.
  • Camera wise Exposing detail (Dark-room report).
  • Job Receipt print-out.
  • Bill printout.
  • Photostat Bill records.
  • Daily Balances.
  • Interest Calculation, Multi Company creation, Backup Facilities, Password security, Re-printout of bills, Delivered / Undelivered Photos and Cassettes.

Service Tax:
Auto calculation of service tax on Processing Charges. Auto Transfer in Accounting and easy to handle service tax register. No programmer required to make change in Service Tax. Daybooks.

  • Cash Book, Bank Book, Sales & Purchase Register, Journal Register and Ledger.
  • Final Accounts in StudioAC: Trial Balance, Account Group Summary, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Daily and Monthly Stock Summaries.

Default values: For fast billing give the default values in booking and delivery vouchers.
Printing of Document:
Job / Advance Receipt, Cash Memo, Credit Memo, Challan, Receipt Voucher.
Reprint of Bills.
Report of Job Receipts.
Unlimited Job Type & Job Size:
No limitations in handling any numbers of Job Type and Size of Jobs and rate categories.
Automatically Backup on hard disk designation in your own.
Multi User Dimension:
This software also work on LAN with multi-user Auto Checking:
It calculates automatically all over memos as Cash, Credit, Challan.

Daily Transactions:
It is also maintenance yours daily transaction like Payments, Receipts and Bank Transaction.

If you are facing Run Time Error -

If you are using DOS / Win95 / Win98 Write statements in config.sys in root folder of drive C.

FILES = 100
If you are using Windows XP/2000, then write statements in config.nt at end of file.
FILES = 100
please select all files in folder and right click and get 'Properties' option and remove tick mark of Read-Only Attributes

Memory Trouble
If your are using DOS / Windows 95 or Windows 98 then write statements in config.sys

If your are using Windows ME/2000/XP then write statements in config.nt in windows\system32 folder

System RequirementsYou will need the following hardware and software to use Studio Accounting Software with billing on your computer.

  • Any operating system as DOS/WINDOWS 3.1/9x/2000/XP.
  • RAM is no matter For DOS application, but Sufficient RAM is to run Studio Accounting Software with billing. At least 8MB and 600kb conventional memory are recommended for better performance.
  • At least 10MB free disk space. StudioAC - Studio Accounting Software Setup does not allow you to select which groups of files you want to copy to your hard disk. If you have limited disk space, then you are suggested to remove unusual files from your computer.
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • IBM Compatible Printer, Dot Matrix Printer

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FAQs - Frequently asked question

I have Digital Studio, can i manage my accounting in StudioAC Software ?

Yes, Studio Accounting with Billing software is useful for everyone.