Question AnswerQuestion Answer 1.8

Question Bank Database for entering into competitive exams.

QA (Question Answer) DOS Base is useful for all those students/candidates who are going to appear in any competition exams for entering into medical/Engineering college or I.A.S., R.A.S. or other competitive exams. This Software is basically developed to check themselves. Here is given some features of this program which following here:

Software features:

Approximately 25,000 questions with there answers of all subjects. Previous seven years papers (Solved).
Candidate may see his progress report of study Program takes examination and these after it awards marking to candidates as per examination rules.
General Tour
Auto Installation 
Auto Installing after type syntax as A:\install c:. and it is so easy to install even a child can do..
Question at a time
Program asks 100 question at a time to candidates in series.
Question Addition
New question can be add and can be correct of rectified entries.
Question Alteration
If any question has any short of rectification for correct that use alteration facility in question editing.
Available subjects
Available subjects with this Software are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology and General Knowledge.
This program is also available on Multi User LAN environment.
Question Filtration: Question can be filtered on subject wise.
Output to Printer
All questions, Specified Range, Paper (Question which asked next).
Print to Progress Report: In finally, program also print question, answer and your getting marks as you your required.
Printing Parameters
You may insert any size of paper in printer with setting of let, right, top & bottom margin. Starting Page No.: You may take print of question from any number of questions.
Note Book
This facility is for the writing notes in your working time and unlimited notes can be wrotein this software for the study next time.
Re-Indexing: Re-indexing facility provides for all files in trouble shooting.

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