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Updated 09 Oct, 2010

Bill RenumberingThis is a facility given to you for renumbering of the bill which implies that you can renumber the bill again. Suppose you have deleted bill number and onward it you want to see the bills in a systematic number once again you can select this path; Tools>Renumbering.

A window will open comprising two box first is KOT numbering and last one is Bill Numbering. Let’s see both numbering system.

In KOT numbering box you need to enter the date of which you want to renumber the bill and just below of this an option is there named “KOT no starts from” in it you fill that particular number of generating bill from here. Suppose in this you enter 2, bill will be started to registered according to this numerical base. It means your bill run later in this way 2, 3, 4........Before submitting the date and renumbering number first mark its option given to you at the top of this window.

Similar process which has been described in its preceded paragraph is to be followed for Bill Renumbering Box. But one thing is essential to share if you have given selected mark in the both boxes in this case whatsoever date or renumbering no will be there simultaneously will start to apply.


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