What is Day End in Restaurant Software?

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Updated 28 Sep, 2010

Dayend ScreenBasically this facility has been given to you to end your day shift. When you don't want to make any change of a day, you can use this Day End option. Once you submit your detail in it you can't make any changes in its existing information. If you want to use this option just click on Tools>Day End. A window will come to you in which you need to fill name of machine, Date and signature then click on Day End Now option;

Though the facility for Day End was added here for not making any changes on the accounting for that day yet now you have facility to make changing on this here named Re-open Day End. But facility for re-open day end would lies in the hand of admin defined user only. It means those user are eligible to make any changes whom this authority has been provided.

As you successfully save Day End option you at once get option of Re-open Day End. To use this facility just click on this option. One important thing is added here, now you can use this facility for previous dates and different machine also by selecting date and name of machine respectively.

Similar window as above shown will appear and same process you need to click on for using this facility easily.

SMS Facility;

Now when you Day End or Re-open and you want to receive SMS alert from user you can get it easily. To get SMS benefit you need to click on SMS option button by clicking this path; Tools>SMS

As you follow the path a small window will exist as following.

In the above window you need to insert API key number that you get after purchasing SMS plan from us. After inserting API key tick on Day End and keep your mobile number. Later you are advised to click on Force's option Yes or No. If you click on Yes in such case SMS will be delivered automatically but if you have marked on No, in this situation SMS will be sent on your wish. If you want to send, click on its option Send SMS which is given to you in Day End option otherwise left it blank.


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