Frequently asked questions


I want to become Reseller of Pelagian Softwares. What is procedure ?

For becoming a reseller you will have to purchase atleast 5 softwares from our various range of softwares for the first time. Afterwards you can order it as per your requirements.The percentage of margin in this kind is 35%.


Can I delete or modify any Room or other Master, which has already been used?

No. You can neither delete nor modify a any master which is already used. However you can create a new master to get your desired room name.

Download & Shipping

Do you provide Electronic supply for downloading software?

Yes! We provide Electronic supply for downloading the software.

Licensing & Registration

What is the difference between the trial version (demo) and the license version

The limited Days Trial Version is a full function evaluation copy. Trial Version will stop working after some days. Data can be restore Trial Version to license version.

Suppose my system is being crashed due to certain reason in such scenario what will happen?

If such situations come, we will give you software and registration detail again for same computer but If you install software on another machine or change the Hard Disk, need to buy it at 50% discount.

Is the price of this software annual?

No, you purchase it at one time payment which is for all time till your computer in order. You do not require for paying annually or installment. We charge for upgrade only, see our upgrade policy.

What is difference between single user and network user ?

Your first purchase will be single user and after each and every purchase will be as network user. Suppose, you buy 2 license. One will be charge as Single user and second license will be charge as network user.

Order & Buy

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

No refund will be made once a purchase is made. Its up the customer purchasing the product to evaluate a fit of the product during the trial period. Once purchase is made, its non-refundable and non-transferable. Read more...

What is CCAvenue?

CCAvenue is the leading and most trusted Payment Gateway in India. We choose it because of high security and speed.

How secure is my order?

We accept payment through CCavenue All payments are processed through their secure servers and credit card information is NOT passed on to us for security reasons.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes. Within the India we accept payment via direct bank transfer, but please note that we cannot issue you with a registration key for the software until your transfer has been cleared.

Other Feature & Utilities

Can I use this software for Hotel & Restaurant Management simultaneously?

This frontWin- Hotel Management Software is basically prepared for hotel management not for restaurant. So, you can only manage your hotel well orgnaised way by means of this software. If you need to manage your Restaurant also you can purchase our most successful Restaurant Billing Software which is avaliable at low cost. We are offering bundle offer for both software.


Can I print Logo of My Hotel?

Yes, If you want to print logo of your Hotel on your bill, choose option menu and click company profile where you have option for update logo of your Hotel.

How to print a folio of a guest who has stayed with us sometime back?

If you want to print a folio of stayed guest, you will search detail of that guest in booking register and then come at booking window. Here, you will get an option of print where at the dropdown this button. In this dropdown button you will get guest folio print of the guest.


What is Subscription Management?

Under the tag of My Account we have given you facility for subscribing updation of all products at free cost via e-mail. According to your own requirements you will select name of product and then click on Update button. You have also facility to add or not to add us in your mailing list. If you will be added in our mailing list we will send you each possible updation of our products.


When I start frontWin-Hotel management software. it does not works properly.

If such kinds of scenario happen you can take help from us via mail or phone. We assure you our technical team will resolve your problem shortly.

Do I need to call on you when I want to update my rates or availability?

Obliviously not, you have your own freedom to update your rates and availability in your hotel.

What involvement is required from my company's IT department?

There is no need of your IT department, if you have, for operating this software. Even a non-tech user can handle this skillfully. It is user friendly software which does not any skilled or technical operator.


We are using your Restaurant Billing Software. Can we post Restaurant Bill to Room Bill ?

Yes, You can post restaurant bill to Room Bill.

Can guest change their room?

Guest can change room but charge will be taken according to defined charge of rooms. Suppose a guest stays for two days in a room, charge will be payable according to this room. Meanwhile, guest changes room for next three days and shifts to other room, charge will be payable at the rate of the changed room.

What is process of booking in frontWin?

frontWin-Hotel Management Software gives very simple method for room booking process. You simply need to fill arrival & departure date and time alomg with first & last name of guest. Just then click on Update button.


Will I be able to continue using the data I entered in the trial version when I purchase the license.

Yes, you can continue using the same data when you purchase the license. If you are entering your data on a testing computer and if after purchase you want to transfer it to the actual computer, you will be able to do that. In order to do this, please take a database back up from a testing computer and restore it on actual computer.

Web Registration

Can I use any fake E-mail ID?

You are requested to not enter any fake information otherwise you will be failed to get registration with Pelagian Softwares because we also sends verification e-mail to you. So, any kinds of fake details are to be prohibited at any stage. If any case when you fill exact information but due to certain reason you are not being able to receive verification mail in such situation you can contact us.

How Register User will Log In?

As a register user you have valid E-mail ID & Password as you fill information correctly in its assaigned boxes just then you click on Sign In button. After that you can get related information.

Can I change my password?

If you think to change your existing password you can easily do it. For changing of password you are advised that first log in and click on My Account option. As you click on this you get option for changing password a window will appear to you in which you have to fill old password and new password. Just then click on Change Your Password option.

How Register User Will Log In?

As a register user you have valid E-mail ID & Password as you fill information correctly in its assaigned boxes just then you click on Sign In button. After that you can get related information.

Who Can Use Sign Up Button?

Those user are not registered at Pelagian Softwares need to be registered and to get registration this Sign Up button should be used. When you click on this button you need to follow all given process carefully.

What is your privacy policy?

Pelagian Softwares values your privacy and never sells or distributes contact information or email addresses. See our privacy policy.

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