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Updated 02 Oct, 2010

To define Tax/ charges on customer you can take help from this tag; Tools>Options> Tax/ Charges.

As you click on the link you get a window in which you need to fill some piece of information to define tax/charges on customer's bill. Let's know all its option one by one.

Discount; To offer same discount to the all customer you need to select this.

Tip; To get benefit of the tip you can select this.

Service Tax; Put here service tax as your wish.

Surcharge; To make surcharge on bill you need to select this one.

Maintain Discount Reason;If you mark this option it helps you to maintain your discount data whatsoever you have given to your customer at the time of offer or special occasion.

Price Including Tax. When you make a bill for customer and you want to include taxes in the same bill this option helps you lot and for this you don’t have any requirement to select option. But if you think not to include taxes of the items in the bill of your customer, you need to choose this option named Price Excluding Tax for making successful operation.

Let’s know the difference between Tax Including Price and Tax Excluding Price.

If you generate bill of Rs. 500/- and you think in this whole amount you want to add taxes of all items, you need not to click on any option but you don’t want to add taxes of items in such circumstances you need to click its option of Price Excluding Tax which is to be traced via Option>Taxes/Charges.


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