Jewellery Accounting with Billing Version : 4.5.2

 I am user of this software from last 4 years and this software is working properly. The main feature of software is which i need to keep balance in my usb flash drive. 

- Ashok Jangid

The way to keep up to date accounts without any tension. It is useful accounting software for Jewelry Business as Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gem Stone, Un-Tensil Merchant,  Gold and Diamond Showroom. This software helps into handling the stock of old/new Gold & Silver and Jadau & Simple Ornaments of these Mattel and Un-tensil.

Highlights Features of Jewelry Accounting Software:


Financial Accounting

Other Feature & Utilities

Karigar Accounts and Production:

This software give you facility to prepare Karigar Stock Summary.
Karigar Goods issue register, Karigar Receipt (Simple and Jadau) Register, Refining Production, Mixing Entry

Bill / VAT INVOICE Printing:

  • Bill printing as you design,
  • Purchase Invoice Printing,
  • Debit Note Printing,
  • Credit Note Printing,
  • VAT Invoice Printing.
Accounting Books:
  • Day Books (Vouchers)
  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Journal Register
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Sales Return (Credit Note) Register
  • Purchase Return (Debit Note) Register
  • Stock Summary for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gem Stone.
  • Inventory Ledger
  • Ledger Account
  • Day Books (Vouchers)
  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Journal Register
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register


  • Gold Refining: From Old Gold to Pure Silver.
  • Silver Refining: From Old Silver to Pure Silver.
Inventory Books:
  • Material Transfer In Voucher,
  • Material Transfer Out Voucher,
  • Goods Given to Party Voucher,
  • Goods Received from Party Voucher.

Final Accounts:

  • Account Group Summary,
  • Vertical & Horizontal Trial Balance,
  • Trading Account,
  • Profit & Loss Account,
  • Balance Sheet.


Software IdProduct NameQtyPriceCredit/Debit Card
PaypalBy Purchase
2826690Jewellery Accounting with Billing-4.5.2
Full Version - Single User
1Rs.(INR) 6300/-
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VAT/CST 5% included

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Update in User's Guide
 Debit/Credit Metal in Party Accounting  -  10 Feb, 2015

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