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Know about FRRO C Form


C Form is designed for collecting prerequisite information of foreigner guest whose accommodation is made in hotel. This is indeed requirements for security points of view. Its one copy must be submitted at the FRRO (foreign regional registration office). Basically this helps you in identifying legal arrival of foreigner guest about whom you keep information through this facility.

Once you generate C form, according to legal process this must be submitted at the FRRO (foreign regional registration office) within 24 hours. But, be cautious if any guest belongs to Pakistan. In case of Pakistani guest you are requested to submit this form within 12 hours only.

While you go for submitting this form, please retain in mind following things which must be filled up;


  • Name of Hotel: Full Name of Foreign Visitor. (In block letters, surname first)
  • Nationality: Number, date & place of issue of passport:
  • Address in India (other than tourists):
  • Date of Arrival in India:
  • Arrived From:
  • Whether employed in India-(Yes/No):
  • Proposed duration of stay in India:
  • Number, Date & Office of issue of Certificate :( Registration, if any)

(Signature of Hotel Manager/Host)


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