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General Edition (1,20,000 Words)
Law Edition (20,000+General Edition)
Computer Edition (15,000+General Edition)

It is very useful when you are E-mailing, Writing letter, Surfing Net or doing any English or Hindi spoken or written course.

This software is an electronic searchable Hindi-English and English-Hindi e-dictionary. Using this dictionary you no longer need to spend hours looking up a word. This is the most comprehensive, highly valued edition which is useful for Professionals, Industrialists, Computer Users, and Hindi - English Learners, Higher study Students and children. Using this software you can learn Hindi or English mean with synonymous and pronunciation by the given word of alternate language. To get the translated mean and synonymous of any word, just click on or type in the search box of English or Hindi word and you will be taken to the dictionary's entry for the word in the alternate language. This CD is indispensable for those learning Hindi or English. Basic Features of this Hindi to English and English to Hindi e-dictionary software are as follow here:-
• Words described bilingually –English-Hindi and Hindi-English
• More than 1, 20,000 Words Power with definition and synonyms
• More than 20,000 Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs
• Pronunciation in written and voice also
• Search available from both language
• First e-Dictionary of its kind
• Used both of script : Devnagari Lipi and Roman Script
• Search and Display available in both script Devnagari Lipi and Roman Script
• User Friendly Interface

To understand programme betterly, before buying; it is good to see the interface and presentation style of a software. If you consider this programme, in the design time we were looking a kind of interface which can present almost everything about chose word, so result of this we have finalised this design because of this design allow us to bring everything about a word such as it Type, Definition, Pronunciation ( Written & Voice), Synonymous. Etc Further this we can also go for the Idioms, Phrase and Proverbs in a single click. In the first screen shot you will know the about English to Hindi translated mean in both script i.e Devnagari. Roman script and second Screen Shot you will know about HIndi to English translated mean in both script i.e Devnagari and Roman

SCREEN SHOT 1 English To Hindi
image of Pelagian's English To Hindi e-Dictionary

SCREEN SHOT 2 Hindi To English

image of Pelagian's Hindi To English e-Dictionary

SCREEN SHOT 1 ROMAN - Hindi to English

image of Pelagian's ROMAN - Hindi To English e-Dictionary

PRICES OF HINDI TO ENGLISH AND ENGLISH TO HINDI DICTIONARY SOFTWARE: We hope our will find our price justified, which are affordable for everyone. So Now see the price and order today this dynamic collection of words.

 Title Price
 Combine (All) Edition
General Edition / Law Edition / Computer Edition
 683/- INR including 5% VAT/CST


System Requirements:Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
> Insert the Dictionary CD-ROM Inside your CD-ROM Drive
A Folder Window will automatically appear there
> Double Click on Setup Icon (Computer Image)
> Click Next, Next on every confirmation Dialog Box
After completion of Installation,
Run the program from
> Start Menu> Programs>Pelagian Dictionary>Pelagian Dictionary
*Please note that your Dictionary CD-ROM must be inside when you run this dictionary program

Problem Shootout :
If you are facing Run Time Error - Disk or Network Error then
please Insert the Dictionary CD-ROM inside the CD-Drive before run this program.

If you are facing problem of disappearing Hindi words:

If your computer is not displaying Hindi words then your computer may be not accepting more fonts automatically or some times it cannot update the font directory automatic. To solve this problem please follow the instruction mentioned below:

> Start>Setting>Control Panel>Fonts
> Press F5
> File>Close
> Start Menu> Programs>Pelagian Dictionary>Pelagian Dictionary

If you are still facing the same problem then change your Desktop Theme from Display properties. (For WindowsXP Users)

> Right Click on Desktop>Properties>Theme>Windows Classic or Windows XP
> Click on OK
> Start Menu> Programs>Pelagian Dictionary>Pelagian Dictionary

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