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 It's a very good and user friendly software,easy to operate the stocks can be managed very well.Mr Rishi is very cooperative is open to suggestions and feedback,and customization as per user demandsAll Our Restaurants are using this software 

- Vishal Marwah

To Login in software userid and password both are admin

If You have already purchase software as per our upgrade policy, trial version will update your existing version.

FileFile sizeLast Updated 
Available download for 3.6.6 - Full Version
Full Version with 10 days Trial EXE InstallerCompuRestaurant4Windows.exe ( 20.3mb ) 16 Apr,2015
Restaurant Billing Software for Windows Brochure (Detail) ColorCompuRestaurant4Windows_detail.pdf ( 1.2mb ) 15 Jan,2015
User Guide - Compu Restaurant for Windows (PDF)CompuRestaurant_Windows_UserManual.pdf ( 936.22kb ) 03 Mar,2011
Restaurant Billing Software for Windows Brochure (Brief) ColorCompuRestaurant4Windows_brief.pdf ( 180.67kb ) 24 Feb,2010

KOT Audit and other features

  • Send SMS when somebody logged in software as admin.
  • Print Recipe Master
  • Smart Delete for Kitchen and Store
  • Redesign of printing for Raw Material consumption 
  • Store wise opening stock
  • Change font name/size in purchase / sales voucher of raw material.
  • Print Raw Material Sales Summary
  • KOT Audit Report mentioning deletion, transfer kot, reprint, modify kot with old and new status.
  • Print edited information in KOT
  • SSL Support in Mail Setting
  • Mark 'Reprint' in KOT and Bill
  • Add Reason in Transfer Table
  • Non chargeable KOT
  • Improve Discount Report
  • SMS feature on delete or cancel bill
  • Customize SMS message template in Day End
  • Change design of 'Assign Authority' Box
  • Included wastage entry in 'Assign Authority' Box
  • Enable / Disable authority in item menu edit or delete.
  • BUGFIX: Resolve issue bill reprint from Sales Register.
  • BUGFIX: (invalid call procedure or argument) When Log in bill mode to modify or view.
  • BUGFIX: Single delete item parameter mismatching in Purchase/Sales Voucher of Raw Material.




Stock / Inventory

Other Feature & Utilities


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